HVAC Technician Performing AC Maintenance in Cape Coral, FL
July 18

10 Energy-Saving Tips to Lower Your Cooling Bills

As temperatures rise during the hot summer months, it’s common for energy bills to skyrocket due to the increased usage of air conditioning systems. However,… View Article Read More

AC Maintenance in Cape Coral, FL
June 13

Summer Cooling Tips for Your Florida Home

The hot, humid Florida summers can often make it difficult to keep your home cool and comfortable. All of the heat and humidity also force… View Article Read More

AC Tips in Cape Coral, FL
April 13

Set Up Your AC System for Success This Florida Summer

Summers in Florida can be challenging because of hurricanes, floods, and extreme heat. However, nothing is more challenging for Floridians than an air conditioning system… View Article Read More

AC Tips in Cape Coral, FL
September 20

Replacing an AC Unit’s Motor in Florida

Updated: February 27, 2024 In Florida, we rely heavily on our air conditioners to keep us cool throughout the long, hot summer days. So, when… View Article Read More

AC Capacitor in Cape Coral, FL
August 16

What Is an AC Capacitor and Can It Be Replaced?

Air conditioning systems, which have become ubiquitous over time, rely on several crucial components to keep them functioning. AC capacitors are one of these parts,… View Article Read More

AC feezing up in Coral, FL
July 15

8 Tips to Follow When Your Air Conditioning Unit Freezes

It can be hard to keep your house cool during the summer without air conditioning. Even if you have an AC unit, sometimes it just… View Article Read More

Environmental Health in Coral, FL
June 14

Is My AC Unit Causing Harmful Pollution?

Home air conditioning has become a staple of regular life in the 21st century. However, like many of our household systems and practices, it’s always… View Article Read More

May 19

9 Steps to Unclog Your AC Drain Lines

Updated: February 27, 2024 If you’re having trouble cooling down your home because water is pooling around the base of your air conditioner, it may… View Article Read More

April 15

Factors to Consider When Purchasing AC Units

When temperatures start climbing outside, you will realize the importance of having an air conditioner. Getting a quality air conditioner is more demanding than you… View Article Read More