Pool Heater Sales, Installations, Repairs & Replacements

Hearing pool heater and Florida in the same sentence may seem unusual. But Florida is the perfect environment to enjoy the benefits of warm water all year round.

Typically, during our cooler months, your swimming pool water temperature and the surf temperature at our area’s beaches are about the same. Even though the air feels warm, the water can seem chilly.

Whether you use your pool for exercise, therapy, relaxation, or fun, you want your pool to provide the best comfort any time of day, year-round. Today’s electric pool heaters operate very efficiently while maintaining your desired temperature.

Ultimate Homes & Cooling can help you get the most of your pool heater and pool enjoyment by finding you:

  • A Top-Rated Energy Efficient Pool Heater
  • Trusted Brands from Trusted Manufactures
  • Installed by A Trained Pool Heater Technician
  • Maintained by Our Trained Employees

Pool Pump Installation, Repairs & Replacements

A pool pump is the heart of your pool’s plumbing system. It keeps water circulating throughout your pool, keeps chemicals mixed, and removes debris so you can enjoy your pool clean, fresh, and safe. Pool pumps are very simple in design. A motor spins an impeller inside the pump, which creates suction, drawing water from your pool into a filter removing debris and mineral contaminants. Clean, freshwater is pumped back into your pool.

The size of your pool is used to determine two pool pump needs:

  • What Size Pool Pump Your Pool Needs
  • How Long Your Pool Pump Needs To Run Each Day

All pool pumps today operate more efficiently than pool pumps from years ago. If you’re looking to save money and be even more energy conservative, we also offer and service variable-speed pool pumps.

Variable speed pumps:

  • Can Save Up to 60% on Pool Pump Energy Costs (Pays for itself in 2 to 3 years)
  • Are More Efficient, Quiet, and Environmentally Friendly
  • Help Reduce Routine Maintenance
  • Operates At the Most Efficient Speed for Each Operation
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