When temperatures start climbing outside, you will realize the importance of having an air conditioner. Getting a quality air conditioner is more demanding than you think. You may want to replace your current system with a similar model and make, but if you’re buying your first air conditioner, there are many factors to consider. The AC installation specialists from [company _name] list the following factors you should consider when choosing an AC system for your home.


Most property owners buy the cheapest AC systems to save a few dollars. However, expensive units prove to be more cost-effective down the line. They consume less energy and reduce your utility bills. Costlier units also work reliably to keep your home cool. However, these units are more complex than the other systems, so it’s best to avoid installing them on your own due to the potential dangers involved.

Noise Levels

Usually, the air conditioning unit makes noise when operating. However, some AC produces less noise than others. An HVAC AC system has a variable speed blower. The blower is much quieter and doesn’t have to operate at a very high speed every time it runs. To minimize your AC’s noise, you can consider reducing the fan blades. If you live in Cape Carol, FL, or the surrounding areas, contact [company_ name] for help in choosing an AC that produces minimal noise.


Property owners should not overlook the importance of a high-quality air conditioning system because they don’t need frequent AC repair services to stay in tip-top shape for an extended period. As a homeowner, pay attention to the specifications and features of the AC system you want to purchase. Investing in a quality system eliminates the need to replace or repair your system regularly.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient equipment tends to reduce your energy bills drastically. Depending on your monthly budget, it’s essential to know how to measure the energy efficiency of your air conditioner. SEER measures the efficiency of AC using different seasonal temperatures. However, some air conditioners have EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio), which calculates your conditioner’s efficiency using steady outdoor temperatures. In most cases, most AC units installed in Cape Carol, FL, and the surrounding areas range between 13 to 16 SEER. However, you can choose a unit depending on your budget.


The size of your air conditioner is also a crucial factor to consider when making a purchase. Size affects the unit’s efficiency. If your system is too big, it’ll cool your space quickly but turn on and off fast, failing to dehumidify the air effectively. In contrast, a small unit struggles to keep pace with your cooling needs and, thus, works harder than needed to keep your home cool. Professional AC services can help you choose a system that fits your desired location and meets your needs.

The Providers

After choosing the right type, size, and energy rating for your AC, the next step should be getting a provider. Ensure your AC installer has significant experience and knowledge with HVAC systems. Your installer should also keep you informed throughout the purchasing and installation journey. Before signing any installation contract, know the company’s cost of service, installation services, warranties, and payment options. Also, your installer should have a gas license, ESA permits, ODP license, and 313a refrigeration license.

AC Control Options

Proper control features are vital to ensure your home is always cool, especially during summer. Your AC should have adjustable thermostats and multi-speed fans to optimize your home comfort. These features will enable you to cool the space and switch to quieter operations in your bedroom. Carrier electronic models are the latest digital controls that help you control your temperatures, and they have a timer for turning the unit on and off.


Air conditioning warranties are essential to every homeowner. Before buying your air conditioner, ask or read about its warranty to ensure that you understand its terms and restrictions. Warranties vary from one manufacturer to another. For instance, some manufacturing companies cover specific parts of the air conditioner while others cover the whole unit. In addition, most manufacturers do not cover labor to replace the defective parts. Therefore, as a buyer, read carefully and understand what’s covered and not covered by the warranty.

Whenever you need an expert for air conditioning services in Cape Carol, FL, and the nearby areas, contact [company _ name]. We offer heating and cooling services, including maintenance, repairs, and installation. We also offer pool pumps and pool heaters.

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