Summers in Florida can be challenging because of hurricanes, floods, and extreme heat. However, nothing is more challenging for Floridians than an air conditioning system that stops working. With the high humidity and heat, your home can feel like a sauna without a working air conditioner. To avoid an unpleasant season, you can take the following proactive steps to prepare your air conditioning system for a comfortable Florida summer.

Check Your System’s Air Filter

One of the basic tasks you should do regularly is to check your air filter. The frequency will depend on the type of unit you have. The manufacturer or installer should provide instructions. An air filter typically has to be changed approximately every 30 to 90 days, depending on the model of your unit.

If an air filter is left unchanged, it becomes clogged, leading to airflow blockage. This makes your system work harder, requiring more energy and money to operate. It also leads to malfunction and early failure.

These are some of the issues you can encounter with a dirty air filter:
  • Expensive energy bills
  • Water leaks from AC unit
  • Lack of airflow
  • Uneven and uncomfortable room temperatures

Changing your air filter before the hot Florida summer arrives will also improve the quality of your indoor air because it traps airborne particles and contaminants. Keeping your filter clean will help your family avoid allergies and other health conditions that can occur when there is poor indoor air quality.

Ensure All pf Your Home’s Air Vents Are Open

Another way to prepare your house for the hot Florida summer is to open all air vents. Closed or blocked air vents create higher pressure within your ductwork. This causes your air conditioning system to work harder because the cooled air can leak out of the ducts. It causes the unit to run longer to be able to maintain the set temperature. Of course, this translates to higher energy costs. Even if a room is unoccupied, be sure the air vent is fully opened and not blocked by any objects.

Clean the Area Around the Outdoor AC Unit

To prepare for summer, remember to also check your outdoor AC unit. Be sure it is free from debris and items around it. Your outdoor air conditioning components should have a minimum of three feet of open space around the perimeter. There should be no items that make contact with the unit or obstruct it in any way.

This also applies to tree branches or shrubs. Also, be sure there are no toys or patio furniture close to the unit. The reason why this is an important precaution is that your AC unit draws heat from indoors and releases it outside. To successfully do this, the outdoor unit requires sufficient open space. When the outdoor unit has an accumulation of debris or items obstructing it, the AC unit will have to work harder. This produces longer cooling cycles and the unit can eventually start to malfunction, requiring repairs.

Schedule a Professional Inspection

One of the easiest ways to prepare your AC unit for a Florida summer is to schedule a professional inspection. An experienced HVAC company will be able to perform all the tasks necessary to prepare your air conditioner for the summer. Plus, the company will also inspect all components and do a deeper assessment than you as a homeowner can. It is the safest way to ensure your AC system runs at its maximum potential.

Set your AC Unit Up For Success

Additionally, to keep your warranty valid, your AC manufacturer may require proof of regular professional maintenance. A professional HVAC company has the expertise and tools to handle the delicate components of your cooling system. By scheduling regular inspections and maintenance visits, you can avoid costly repairs and ensure your unit has a longer lifespan.

Choose a Trusted Air Conditioning Company

Choosing a trusted HVAC company is key because you are guaranteed the work will be done according to industry standards. At Ultimate Homes & Cooling, we understand the challenges homeowners face with their AC units. We work closely with each customer to provide a customized approach every time we visit. Our team knows all the steps necessary to prepare your air conditioning system for the intense Florida summer.

Ultimate Homes & Cooling proudly serves Cape Coral and surrounding areas. We are a trusted choice in the community because of the quality of service and products we provide with each installation. Our experience in Florida makes us experts at helping homeowners enjoy a pleasant summer. Get your AC system ready for the upcoming heat. Call Ultimate Homes & Cooling today to schedule an appointment.

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