The Best Mini Split Air Conditioning in Cape Coral

So, you’ve decided to look into ductless air conditioning in Cape Coral, FL, but you want to make sure that the high up-front cost will be justified in your case. A professional could tell you all about mini-split systems during a consultation, but let’s first lay out the basics. Ductless ACs are like traditional heat pumps in that they cool a space by using refrigerant to absorb heat from the air. That heat travels from the indoor unit, called the air handler, to the outdoor unit, called the compressor, where it’s released into the outside air.

Ductless units, though, cool only a single room, not a whole home. You could achieve something like whole-house cooling, though, because a single compressor can hook up a total of eight air handlers. Sometimes, as in the case of historic homes, which can’t support ductwork, it’s the only viable option. Mostly, though, homeowners will use a mini split for outbuildings, room additions, and attic spaces.