Do you need a reliable pool heater repair service in Ft. Myers, FL? Ultimate Homes & Cooling provides excellent pool pump repair and pool heater installation services. Those without a pool might find it awkward that pools in Florida need heaters. The air in Florida may be warm, but pool water tends to be chilly, especially during the cooler months.

    Pool Heater Repair and Installation in Ft. Myers, FL

    Whether you use your pool for fun, therapy, or exercise doesn’t matter. You should be capable of enjoying a comfortable swim throughout the year at any time of the year. Have you noticed rust and corrosion on your heater? If so, call our team at Ultimate Homes & Cooling.

    Fort Myers’ Pool Heater Repair Services

    A quality pool heater should last anywhere between 10 and 25 years. However, the heater can only serve you this long if you properly maintain it. At least once each season, you need to ensure you involve an expert that can help you keep things in proper shape. It’s better to handle minor repairs than have to deal with complete replacements.

    If you suspect your pool heater needs repair, you might have noticed the following signs:
    • Your pool water isn’t warming up
    • You’ve noticed damaged wires
    • Water leaking out of the heater
    • Corrosion on the heater

    When your pool heater fails, you should work with an expert to help you get to the bottom of the issue. There are many reasons why a pool heater stops working. Knowing the actual cause will help you take better care of your heater. It will also save you money as you’ll face less repair issues. Moreover, taking proper care of your water chemistry is a great way to prevent damaging your heater.

    We also provide expert pool heaters & pool pumps services in:

    Reliable Pool Pump Repair Company

    Reliable Pool Pump Repair CompanyAs soon as you suspect trouble with your pool pump, you should contact the experts. The pool pump is the most critical part of your pool. Our team is capable of identifying any issue with your pump and resolving it efficiently. On top of repairing your pool pump, we’ll also offer you advice on how to handle the system. That way, you can avoid regular costly repairs and breakdowns. We work with all major brands of equipment. We have a lot of experience working with many happy clients. And we pride ourselves on the quality of services we offer. Our team is always on time. Plus, you can expect nothing short of honest and fair services.

    Do you need reliable help with your pool pump? Give Ultimate Homes & Cooling a call today to schedule your next repair or installation service.

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    Not looking for pool heater services? We also provide heating and cooling services.