Pool heater repair services in Estero, FL are easy with Ultimate Homes & Cooling. We are also the local go-to pool pump repair and heater installation team. Here in the Sunshine State, it’s easy to underestimate the value of a pool heater. In the cool season, the air feels warm, but jumping in the pool can be a jolt of cold. The pool pump is vital for the heater to work and circulate treated water. An efficient heating and circulation system will provide year-round pleasure, exercise, and relaxation.

    Pool Heater Repair and Installation in Estero, FL

    Pool Heater Repair in Estero

    All pool heaters become less efficient in time. A pool specialist will diagnose the heating system and make repairs. Most often, the heating element (electric) or igniter/thermistor (gas) begin to fail, and the thermostat may need replacement. Professional pool heater repair services will include checking every component, electronic controls, switches, and valves. Our specialists will inspect and test all parts. They will test any electronic controls for proper operation and replace any that need replacing. The complexity of the three basic types of pool heaters demands knowledge and experience. Gas, electric, and heat pumps are all fundamentally different.

    Often, it’s not the pool heater failing, but a pool pump repair that’s necessary. When a pump fails, the heated water will not circulate. A pool pump plays critical roles in water flow, water quality, and filtration.

    Five noticeable problems that tell you it’s time to call the pros:
    • Audible changes of any sort
    • Water losing clarity
    • Water temperature fluctuating
    • Leaks and rust stains
    • Hard starting pump

    Fortunately for customers, pool pumps rarely fail all at once. Our specialists will check for a weakening pump. First, they will check the voltage and the capacitor. Then if the flow remains an issue, our specialists will rebuild the pump by replacing or repairing mechanical seals, the shaft, and the impeller.

    While pool pumps have long service lives and are easily repaired, the same is not true of pool heaters. Your pool heater has many critical parts, and over time, pool heater repair services are not as cost-effective. Pool specialists will advise you if it’s time to consider a pool heater installation.

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    Pool Pump Repair Company

    Pool Pump Repair CompanyCustomers just want the comfort and pleasure of a pool throughout the year. Ultimate Homes & Cooling has the experience and expertise you expect. Our team of specialists can do any repairs to heating pool systems. In addition, we accomplish every job on time and with courtesy.

    For pool heater repair and installation services in Estero, look no further than Ultimate Homes & Cooling. We also provide pool heater repair and installation services in Punta Gorda and Ft. Myers.

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