Adding a ductless mini-split to your Cape Coral home’s heating and cooling solution can be a great way to get conditioned air in spaces that aren’t supplied by your main HVAC system. With the weather getting cooler every day in Cape Coral, it’s important to know that a ductless mini-split can both heat and cool your home quite effectively. You may wonder how such a small unit can keep a relatively large space warm. To better understand that, check out this guide from your friends at Ultimate Homes & Cooling.

What Is a Ductless Mini-Split?

It’s important to understand the mechanics of a ductless mini-split to understand how it creates heat. A ductless mini-split is essentially a miniature self-contained HVAC system. Ductless mini-splits have two main components. One component is mounted on an interior wall and includes a fan to push the heated air into your home. The other component sits outside and has a compressor to change the pressure of a special type of refrigerant that can change forms from a gas to a liquid as the pressure placed on it changes. The indoor and outdoor components are connected by a refrigerant line that circulates the refrigerant from one component to another.

Big Heat in a Small Package

Ductless mini-splits are small machines. How, then, are they able to provide so much heat? The answer lies in the fact that all mini-splits are miniaturized air-source heat pumps. This means that a ductless mini-split can extract heat energy from the outside air and transfer that heat energy inside so that the system can release the heat energy into your home. A mini-split does this by cooling its refrigerant to a lower temperature than the outside air. Then, the heat energy in the air moves to the refrigerant because of thermodynamics. If the compressor is working properly, a mini-split can continue to extract heat energy in this manner indefinitely.

Low Energy Use

One big reason why the pros at Ultimate Homes & Cooling recommend ductless mini-splits is that they help lower your home’s energy use in two important ways. The first way is because of their efficient operation thanks to the way they provide heat to your home. Rather than converting chemical energy into heat energy, a mini-split only must transfer heat energy from the outside to the inside. This is an inherently efficient operation that exceeds the efficiency capabilities of conventional HVAC systems. The second way that a mini-split helps lower your home’s energy use is its small size. Since a mini-split is only designed to heat one room, the system and its components can be much smaller than a conventional HVAC system. This allows the system to draw less power while keeping you and your family comfortable.

Easy to Control

Controlling a ductless mini-split system couldn’t be easier when you need heat in your home. Most systems come with a remote control that you can use to adjust the desired temperature easily. The system can automatically sense when the temperature in the room falls below the desired temperature so that it can begin blowing warm air into the room. Since this control system is separate from your home’s main thermostat, you can install mini-splits in areas that don’t have ductwork. You can also put a mini-split in your garage, workshop, or any other room or building that needs some extra comfort. Another perk of this simplified control system is that it makes a ductless mini-split perfect for individuals who have trouble using complicated thermostats.

Keeping You Comfortable Throughout the Year

At Ultimate Homes & Cooling, we believe in providing our customers with well-adapted solutions for their comfort needs. That’s why we install, maintain, and repair ductless mini-splits. We also install, repair, and maintain conventional HVAC systems, install dehumidifiers, and install and repair pool heaters and pool pumps. As a proudly veteran-owned company, you can be sure that we’ll treat you with the integrity and respect you deserve. That’s why we can be a HomeAdvisor Screened and Approved Contractor. It’s also why we can maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Most importantly, we see our customer-first commitment recognized in the five-star reviews we regularly receive. To learn more about ductless mini-split systems, contact us at Ultimate Homes & Cooling today.

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